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How to Speed up filp 3d in any version of windows vista

When it comes to Flip 3D of windows vista , which come into effect when you press window+tab key.But flip 3d speed of the effect become worst to see due to its slow speed due to missing video adapters on your system.

So to make Flip 3D perform much faster and smoother by disabling .

Follow the step by step procedure:

1. Start>>Run, type in regedit ,press Enter.
2. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER>>Software>>Microsoft>>Windows>>DWM.
3. Create a new DWORD value and name it speedup3DWindows.
4. Set any value between 3-9 according to your video card canfiguration.
5. Reboot to see the change.

If you have any problems in windows vista performance leave a comment here i will be glad to answer your query.

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Windows XP had seen so many patches before it could stabilize to an extent.How about Vista? i have not tried it yet.Am worried about virus attacks. Is this better than XP in terms of stability?

I have Windows Vista Ultimate and if i download some files and the download is wery high (600KB/s), my computer freetes, but it only freezes if i dont use it. If I use it, it will work ok. So what can I do to stop that. It has worked wery good on my old comp. that was weeker than thisone, but now its freezing, so please help me.

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