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How to enable/disable the Built-in Administrator Account in Windows vista

To get back administrator rights on windows vista turn off UAC and do the following.

Here’s the simple solution:

Do you know that “Administrator” account you see when you login to safe mode?

It is  the built-in administrator account that’s installed by default, and disabled by default too,but with a little other tweak you will be enjoying an XP-like administrator experience in windows vista, while UAC is left ON (or off, it doesn’t matter), but with no prompts or right clicks.

How to ?

  • Click Start, and type “secpol.msc” in the search area and click Enter.
  • You may receive a prompt from UAC, approve/login and proceed.
  • In the left list, choose “Local Policies”, then “Security Options”
  • Set “Accounts: Administrator account status” to Enabled.
  • Set “User Account Control: Admin Approval Mode for the Built-in Administrator account” to Disabled.
  • Now log-off, and you’ll see a new account named “Administrator” will be available, click on it to login.

If you have any problems in implementing or activating the default administrator account in windows vista leave a comment here…

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2 replies on “How to enable/disable the Built-in Administrator Account in Windows vista”

My administrator disable the adminstrator account and lock the administrator. I an unable to logon as adminstrator, registry editor, add and remove program is also disable, is there any way that i enable all these 😥 🙁 😯

I recently had the same problem, where I accidentally disabled my admin account. I had to install a patch to run Nero giving it access to the burners, and to cut a long story short I ended up with my admin account disabled and no way of logging back into my machine. Since the last few posts did not resolve this problem, and I am sure there are going to be others who will find themselves in the same predicament, I decided to share my experience and solution.
There are numerous hacks that can be used, and I would advise people against them. Instead, stick with XP and work through the problem. To restate the problem, if the admin account has been disabled (to the best of my knowledge there is no way to delete it completely!) you will come to the windows login without a login name. You can press ctrl+alt+delete twice to pull-up a log-in screen and when you type in “administrator” and enter your password (if you have one!) it will say “Your account has been disabled. Please contact your systems administrator.” Obviously you can’t go much further with this. Instead, re-start your machine and keep hitting F8 and enter safe mode with command prompt. You should be able to hit ctrl+alt+delete twice to pull up a log-in screen again and re-enter administrator and whatever password you may have. That will take you to a command prompt “C:\ documents and settings/administrator.” Now you are in business. Simply type “control” at the prompt and press enter. This should bring up a message that allows you to enter Windows recovery function, and it will also open the control panel. Click on Administrative Tools and then Local Security Policies to bring up the settings. On the left side bar you can select Local Policies and then Security Options and Enable the Administrator Account the same way you may have disabled it. Of course another possibility and perhaps simpler option is to revert back to an earlier setting using the recovery utility. I actually enabled my admin account, so I am not sure if recovery will fix the problem. I think it should.
Well, hope this helps anyone else who finds him/herself in this precarious position!

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