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How to create your own Vista Boot Logo for free with the freeware vista boot logo generator.

Yes , you can simply create your own vista boot logo by following the simple step by step process given below.

Step By Step Procedure To Create a Vista Boot Logo:

First you need to create them in two sizes using vista boot logo generetor: 800×600 and 1024×768.

Once you have selected your two images, click on File -> “Save Boot Screen File As…” then it will generate the logo file(winload.exe.mui).

Now you need to copy the file to the following folder: %windir%System32

You will require some permissions in order to paste the newly created logo So

Navigate to %windir%System32en-US
· Right click winload.exe.mui and click Properties
· Select the Security tab
· Click the Advanced button
· Select the Owner tab
· Click the Edit button
· In the Change Owner box, select the Administrators group
· OK all the dialogs, including the Properties window
· Right click winload.exe.mui and click Properties again
· Select the Security tab
· Click the Edit button
· Select the Administrators group
· In the Permissions section tick the “Full Control” check box.
· OK all the dialogs.

Download Free Vista Logo Generetor

IMPORTANT: The software still beta and there may be bugs so use at your own risk, and make sure you backup first!

Note: Back up your original winload.exe.mui (boot logo) file before you go overwriting, just in case you want to return to the original!

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