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How to create ultra hidden system folder in windows xp and vista.

You may have created normal hidden folders in windows Xp and vista to store your private files , but these normal type of hidden folders in vista and windows Xp is quite old technique. As even if you create a hidden folder using this old technique almost every one or a normal windows user would know how to get access to that folder.

By simply going to Windows Explorer>>File Menu>>tools>>Folder Options>>view tab and check the radio option which says – “Show Hidden Files and Folders“.

But what if you can create a ultra hidden system folder which is not shown even if the above setting of “Show Hidden Files and Folders” is turned on or clicked.


How To Create a Ultra Hidden Folder In Windows Xp and Vista.

1. Open My Computer and go to File Menu>>Tools>>Folder Options>>View Tab(Press alt button to show file menu bar in windows vista).

2. Scroll down and check the option which says – “Show Hidden Files and Folders” and uncheck the option which says – “Hide Protected Operating System Files(Recommended)” and click ok.

3. Now Open any drive from my computer you will find a folder named RECYCLER( this is a hidden as well as system folder).

4. Copy this folder any where and rename it according to your choice and paste your private files into this folder.

5. Repeat the step 1 and check the option which says – “Hide Protected Operating System Files(Recommended)” and click ok.

6. That’s it! Done.

Now go to the location where you pasted and renamed that folder called RECYCLER ,you will notice that folder is invisible even if the setting called “Show Hidden Files and Folders” is checked, so you have finally created a ultra hidden folder in windows.

Logic Behind This – All the system folders in a windows system are automatically hidden so when we check the option “Show Hidden Files and Folders” all the hidden folders are shown but as due to the setting called “Hide Protected Operating System Files(Recommended)” is checked due to which all the system folders which are automatically hidden are not shown so they become the ultra hidden folders which are not shown due the overriding settings.

As a normally no one uncheck this setting “Hide Protected Operating System Files(Recommended)” because it is recommended not every one will easily find this ultra hidden folder in windows xp or vista.

If you have any problems in implementing the above illustrated procedure to create a ultra hidden system folder in windows xp or windows vista then leave a comment here i will be glad to answer you.

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An easier method, but uses the command line. If you want to hide a file or a folder, go to start> run. Type cmd and enter. Navigate to the folder where what you want to hide is. and type ‘attrib filename +s +h’ filename being what you want to hide. If you ever want to unhide it then type ‘attrib filename -s -h’. You have to do both s and h at the same time or it won’t work.

i am unable to hide the my prvate folder in the recycler as my hidden files are visible in the recycle bin which is situated at the Desktop, though i used the instruction given by you

hi , i wanna make someth like this: i have a folder that i want to acces form LAN , but i want to hide it from all other users , and to acces it from run , ex: \\cpu2\myfolder ;i want this folder to be shared but no 1 can see it on LAN , how do i do that?

I want to hide a folder on my home network.. I just want to share the folder with one other computer on my network.. i need help

Funny trick but not super. How about reinforcing more like combining this trick with the trick I know i.e. changing it’s icon and rename it with nothing and combining this. How about that?


use a $ at the end of the name when sharing aka


The best way is to use winsesame:
this software password protect your folders and encrypt data. I think it’s the best security system. you can send the folders on external disk they remain protected if you try to open them on a other computer. you can even send complete password protected folders by mail.

i want to hide folders with the help of dos command so that no one can
see it . how can i do ?

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