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Have a look on Cool New Features added to orkut

As orkut is been growing day by day becoming a massive social communications network.So it needs modifications and additions in various features.

Keeping an eye on orkut the various major modifications which took place till now are…

View You Friend at Map:
With this new feature if any of your friend at orkut lives in US you could find him/her on the map.

Gtalk Integration:
Google has integrated gtalk in orkut this means if you are online at orkut you can show your status as online at orkut by configuring gtalk with orkut settings.

Google Video/ YouTube Add:
Some time back they added a new feature which allows users to add youtube/google videos to their

Rss Feed Add:
Well this feature recently added really rocks as it is great for the bloggers. It allows you to add your blog feed with your orkut profile.

If you consider some other features that are major but not included here please let us know through your comments.

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