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Hack To Hide All or Specific Icon In System Tray

A reader of asked us how can he hide a specific icon in system tray or all the icons in system tray. We had already written about a free application called MagicTray which lets you hide all the icons in single click in the system tray.

But still if you are interested in the geeky way of hiding the system tray icons, here it is, this can be easily implemented with a small registry hack.

Lets discuss the trick to hide all the system tray icons in system tray and how to hide specific icons in system tray.

Hide All Icons In System Tray ( Registry Hack ) 

Follow the procedure given below to implement the registry hack to hide all the system tray icons in your sidebar

1. Open Start Menu >> Run, type regedit and press Enter

2. Navigate to the following path



3. Create a DWORD value by right clicking the right pane and click new, then DWORD value


4. Name the key as NoTrayItemsDisplay

5. Double click the key after creation and set the value as 1

6. Close registry and restart your computer in order for the settings to take into effect.

Hide Specific Tray Icons On System Tray (Vista)

In order to hide a specific tray icon follow the procedure below

1. Right click on the taskbar and select properties


2. Now select Notification Area and then click Customize


3. Now, click the specific icon you want to hide in system tray and select hide in the dropdown box


Almost same procedure can be applied in windows xp also to hide a specific system tray icon in taskbar.

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