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Get Bookmarks Toolbar Like Firefox by activating Links bar in ie7

Most of us miss the most accessible Bookmarks Toolbar as there in firefox but not found in IE7.

But there is a bookmark toolbar in IE7 but it is not enabled by default so you need to enable it explicitly.

To Enable the Bookmarks Toolbar follow the steps given below.

1. Start >> Run and type iexplore and press Enter.

2. Press Alt key , go to view>>toolbars>>Select Links(as shown in the image below)







3. after selecting the Links, you will see a toolbar at the top below the File Menu.

To add a shortcut to the Links bar

  • Drag the webpage’s icon from the Address bar of the browser
  • Drag a link from a webpage directly to the Links bar
  • Drag a folder path from a search window to the Links bar

To remove a shortcut from the Links bar

Right-click the shortcut in the Links bar, and then click Delete

To rearrange how your Favorites show on the Links bar

On the Links bar, drag a shortcut to a new location

So enjoy the links bar in Internet Explorer 7 similarly as the bookmarks toolbar in firefox.

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