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Freeware To Speed PC Games and Computer Performance

Game Booster is a FREE to use utility which lets you optimize you PC for better and enhanced, faster game play experience. It lets you tweak your computer by temporarily shutting down some irrelevant process and services, cleaning up RAM, removing temporary files etc.

The program cannot be closed until you switch to normal mode, so that it can restart again all the windows services and process.


It will stop some windows services which are not required at the time of game play and will also stop the running programs in system tray.

You just need to run this software before running the game and click the button on the application Switch To Gaming Mode and after playing the game make sure to click Back to Normal Mode 

Concluded Key Features Of Game Booster

  • It has a very easy to use and simple interface
  • Gives more CPU and RAM to your games, for faster game play
  • It stabilizes the game performance and game play
  • It does not put additional pressure on your hardware

Note: Game Booster is supported on windows xp, vista and windows 7   

Download Game Booster

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