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Free MP3 Recorder

Digital Audio Recorder is a free program for windows which lets you record any type of sound from any source you want to record from on your computer.


You can record any thing from your microphone or anything played on your computer in your media player or any where else. It is one of the simplest recording program ever which is so easy in use.

You can record any thing just in 5 simple steps and store the recorded file as mp3 file, follow the procedure below to know how.

1. Run Digital Audio Recorder and Choose the audio recording source.

2. Browse for the output mp3 file storage folder.

3. Select the Bitrate or let it be default (64 bits)

4. Click Start Recording

5. After you are done with recording simply click the same button Stop Recording, file recorded will be automatically saved to the output location folder.

Download Digital Audio Recorder

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