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Free Mosaic Creator – Create Mosaic With Your Own Photos Collection

Foto-Mosaik is a FREE mosaic creator which lets you create cool mosaic out of any picture you have or any of your own photo. It will generate a virtual mosaic from any photo using your own image collection for the formation and filling of those colours you need in the final mosaic.

I have just created a free mosaic of my image too in this one here is how both looks like, you can compare the both below.

This one is simple image of me


This one is the mosaic image created of the above image by Foto-Mosaik


( click to enlarge, however it may look some what weird 🙂 )

The very first time you run Foto-Mosaik you will need to first create a database for pictures, so please point to the folder which contains hell lot of images to form the database of pictures to be used to form the mosaic you create with this software.


It is quite easy to use program with several customizations you can make on your mosaic being created. Make sure to form a database with quite large number of pictures to obtain better looking photo mosaic other wise it will look plain and dark.

The larger the number of pictures involved in making the mosaic the better it will look and this way you will be able to create some amazing and beautiful looking mosaic.

Download Free Foto-Mosaik

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