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Free LAN Search Program – LAN Search Pro

In my last company one of the most amazing time pass things I used to do when I don’t have any work was to look for movies, and songs shared on the company local area network. But browsing every computer shared resources for movies, songs could be really tiring if there are large number of computers to search for on your local area network.

LAN Search Pro is a free utility which lets you search across your LAN network, you can specify the file names or file types you are searching for on your LAN network.


If you want to search for all the movies and songs shared across your company network you can simply type in the search term as


and press the green play button play to start searching.

You can select any of the result in the search, right click on the search result to copy that file to your computer.


By default LAN Search Pro lets you search on the entire network but you can alos filter out which computers or network range it should search through options in LAN Search Pro.

LAN Search Pro is 100% free program, it does not contain any adware, spyware and malware etc. LAN Search Pro is also available in portable version which you can take any where on your pen drive and launch directly from your pen drive.

Download LAN Search Pro | Download LAN Search Pro (Portable Version)


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