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Extract Pictures from Power Point Presentations

You may have a power point presentation in which you have some image embed, You want to extract that image as you can’t find that image anywhere else except the power point presentation.

Now, you may want to extract some images which are there is the power point presentation. There is small freeware program which can easily extract the images from a Microsoft Power Point presentation which is made`in Power Point 2000 or higher is required.   


Let’s see how MS PowerPoint Extract Images From Presentation Software.

It can extract as many images from MS PowerPoint presentations, extracted images found with in each file and saves each image as a BMP file.

This small software can help in some emergency situations when you need a particular image from the MS PowerPoint presentation.

There are some other ways also to extract the images from PowerPoint presentation, according to which you need to export the PowerPoint Presentation as an HTML Web Page, you can read more about the method here.

Download MS PowerPoint Image Extractor

You can also request for a free personal license for this application from here

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That’s a cool tool. It’s not possible to directly pull the images from the presentation and this tool is quite perfect to use at that time.
Nice mention here.

A simpler way is to save the PPT as an HTML file and it should save the graphics into it’s own folder……..

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