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Download Google Chrome Full Setup [ Offline Installer ]

Google Chrome is a nice cool browser released recently from google, it has been widely accepted and liked by lot of people.

Google Chrome is quite a lightweight and fast browser, also its a open source web browser from google.

As google chrome is an open source browser those who are interested can also view the source or download google chrome source code at google code


It has a lot more to offer in terms of features like private browsing, Create Applications Shortcuts and more.

Features of Google Chrome

Four features which are there for developers and webmasters are Inspect Element, Javascript Debugger, Task Manager and View Source.

Inspect Element – It allows you to inspect a single component of any web page, you just need to right click the component and select Inspect Element.

Javascript Debugger – You can use this for debugging any javascript loaded with the web page

Task Manager – This is the most favourite feature provided with google chrome which lets you see the memory consumption of each opened tab

Download offline installer for Google Chrome

After the release of google chrome, it is available as a download link to small file called ChromeSetup.exe which is of 474kb size approx.

ChromeSetup.exe which then download and install chrome on your machine provided you have internet connectivity.

But, when you don’t have internet connectivity on a system on which you want to install google chrome then you should download offline installer for google chrome which is around 7.35 MB approx.

Note: Google chrome offline installer is free from any spyware, adware and malware.

Download Google Chrome Full Setup Offline Installer from the links given below, if these links don’t work then refer the comments for the download links of google chrome full setup.

Download Google Chrome Full Setup Link 1 (Google) | Download Google Chrome Full Setup Link 2 (Softpedia)

Some other related links for Google chrome are:

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google chrome setup is retrieving data to complete its install on my pc.Actully i m using desktop under proxy internet, so I downloaded google chrome setup i.e. chromesetup.exe (474kb), when I click to install it, it starts retrieve data from net. no effect on desktop but its working in administrator profile no work with other created profile
I m using internet very well. I did changes as google chrome help center explained in its wesite but did not work.
Plz help, tell me where is the problem?

i am very thankfull for the full version of chrome .I had lot of problems with the previous one………….

Its very very nice post… really works…..thanx man!!!
keep posting such gud things… of luck

i am enjoying the best browser that is

“““““““`google chrome“““““““

;’;’;’;”;”;’;’;THANKS GOOGLE TEAM ‘;’;’;’;’;’;’

I am using windows eXperience SP3 ………..having problems installing google chrome ………….tried offline installer which is not working as well it says some files are missing t2embed.dll,TTgetnewfontname missing any suggestions

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