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Download Cygwin Full Setup [ Offline Installer ]

Cygwin is a FREE Unix-like environment for Windows. It consists of two main parts including : a DLL (cygwin1.dll) which acts as the Linux API emulation layer which provides a substantial part of the Linux API functionality and set of tools which provide linux look and feel.


Downloading and installing could be such a pain in neck as there is no offline installer available on the internet for cygwin, so in order to install cygwin you need to be connected to internet.

I searched for the offline installer or full setup of cygwin but got nothing in the end so I had to install cygwin through web connectivity, but I downloaded all the files required to install cygwin and then installed it from the local hard disk.

I have made a zip package of all the files required to install cygwin and uploaded on my windows live sky drive from where you can download and install cygwin on any computer you want without any connection to internet.

Let’s me tell you step by step how to install cygwin offline

1. Download required files package to install cygwin from here (Link Below)

and extract it as: Extract as same folder name as of the zip file. (as shown in the image below)


2. Download cygwin installer from here

3. Double click the downloaded cygwin installer (i.e setup.exe)

4. Click Next and Select to Install from Local Directory and click Next


5. Locate the folder path where you want to install cygwin and click Next.


6. click the browse button now to select the package files directory which you have downloaded in Step 1


7. click Next button now to start the installation of cygwin from your local directory.

Download Cygwin Offline Installer ( Below )

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Great that i found you today. I am facing lot of problems installing cygwin. Thanks.

Will check this to test my Home PC.

Thanks for sharing this.

BTW, i am new to your blog. I got to your blog form Pavan’s blog. Hope to see you on my blog soon.

There is now a tool, called ‘pmcyg’, which can help create an off-line Cygwin installer. pmcyg will take a personalized list of Cygwin package names, download them and their dependencies, and configure a copy of the Cygwin installer ‘setup.exe’. The directory tree assembled by pmcyg can then be burned onto a CD or DVD to create a standalone installation disk for use on machines with no Internet connection.

pmcy is available via

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