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Create system restore points quickly with single click in windows


I must say windows is becoming more venerable to various attacks day by day, I am saying this because apart from being a author at, I am also one of the troublefixer at – All about fixing computer troubles   

A normal way out to restore some damage on your system is using windows system restore, but if you try to create system restore it will run a wizard which will require time.


Yesterday, I found a cool utility called Single Click Restore Point – SCRP which lets you create a restore point with a single click on your windows system and require zero configuration from the user side.

Let’s see how can we use SCRP tool.

What is SCRP – Single Click Restore Point?

Single Click Restore Point (SCRP) is a FREEWARE tool for creating a restore point in single click.

Note: It will allow you create a restore point without using the long wizard of System restore Utility emended with windows by default.

It is a good idea to use this utility just after installing some potential software that could break your system.

How to use the Restore Points Created?


You can use the system restore points created by the Single Click Restore Point easily with system restore utility.

This free utility is great for creating quick system restore, is completely adware, spyware and malware.

[ Download Single Click Restore Point ]

6 replies on “Create system restore points quickly with single click in windows”

Thanks alot, Most of the time i forget to create check point and then when i need system restore to recover my windows check point will be missing.
This utility will be very useful for me.

good one, this utility can save me from troubles system restore sometimes really save your life when you OS is dead and you feel lazy to reinstall the whole thing urgh god keep me away from such hiccups am feeling lazy 😉

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