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Copy Paste Across Different Computers On LAN Network

When you working across different computers on your LAN network and performing the same related task, including the copy and paste of the same text across several computers on your LAN network it could be really helpful and time saving if you have a network copy paste or your a network clipboard which is being shared across computers on your network.


Today,  we will tell you almost all the ways pt perform a network copy paste or how to copy and paste text in between various computers on your LAN network.

There are several free tools which can allow to share the clipboard on in between the computers of your LAN network.

Let’s discuss them one by one, all of them are freeware’s

1. NetPaste – It is one such program to perform copy paste in between two computers connected with each other on a network.


The usage of this programs is quite simple you just need to install and run NetPaste on any two computers connected and and press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+C to copy on one machine and press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+V to paste on another machine.

Download NetPaste

2. Ditto-cp – It is another program which lets you copy paste text in between multiple computers and you can search as well in the clipboard, so see what have you previously copy pasted.


It also allows you to copy text, images, multimedia , html links etc across computers on the network. With ditto-cp you can keep multiple computers keyboard in sync, assign hot keys to specify copy and paste, saves any type of information that can be saved in clipboard.

Download Ditto-cp

3. Network Clipboard – This utility allows you to copy texts, files & images and other multimedia in between multiple computers.

You will need to configure the shared directory for the clipboard by clicking on the executable file of the program and then you can start copying by using ctrl+alt+c and ctrl+alt+v hotkeys.

Download Network Clipboard

4. PonPon Copy and Paste (Experimental Firefox Addon) – It is a simple and easy to use firefox addon which lets you perform copy text in between computers on your network and running same or different operating system including Mac, Windows and Linux


This add-on shares the text clipboard between computers on the network to copy and paste text between computers instantly, even from a Mac to a PC. In order to perform a network copy paste you need to make sure that on both the computers you are running firefox and have this addon installed and enabled.

Install PonPon Copy and Paste Firefox Addon

There are some internet clipboards also like, and others but I will share them in a separate article. I hope one of the above tool will help in your case 🙂

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