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Convert drm protected music to wav files with freeware Drm2Free

It occurs many times when you try to copy the DRM ( Digital Rights Management ) protected music from your audio files but not able copy, because the file you are trying to copy is DRM protected.

Drm2Free is a freeware program which lets you copy protected or unprotected audio files to wave-files for private use ( as shown in the image below ).






After running the program, for every protected copied sound file a new and unprotected wav-file is created.

How to use?

1. Copy the two files drm2free.cmd and drm2free.jar in the same folder where you have copied your protected audio music.

2. Double click drm2free.cmd and follow the instructions on command line interface.

3. At the End, You will see a .wav file which is not DRM protected for each protected music file in the folder.

Here are some key features

  • CD-quality recording
  • Compatible with all sound formats, for which a player is installed
  • Protection against audio buffer overrun

Installation Requirement: Java Runtime (JRE), Version 1.3 or higher must be installed on your system.

We hope you would find the application helpful, do let us know your feedbacks.

[ Download Drm2Free | Application Home Page ]

4 replies on “Convert drm protected music to wav files with freeware Drm2Free”

@Keith – Glad to know, you liked it.

@Lazerer – Thanks for sharing this, but there are large number of software for removing DRM but they are paid and same is the case with wmatomp3 cnoverter.

iI keep getting this error:
ERROR – de.joko.drm2free.Drm2Free: Fatal error – Assertion failed: LineIn not st
arted >>>> Details: [Exception=java.lang.RuntimeException(Assertion failed:
LineIn not started) [de.joko.drm2free.d.a(Unknown Source)]]
can you help?
I tried downloading java 1.42, still nothing

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