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Clean your internet browsing history with internet privacy cleaner

Cleaning your internet browsing history becomes more important as it is a matter of personal privacy issue for most of us.

NVT Internet Privacy Cleaner is one of the freeware’s which lets you clean your internet browsing history.


This programs lets you clean your internet browsing history in a customised way as you can easily select what to erase and what not to erase.

Let’s see what more features it offers

Feature List of NVT Privacy Cleaner

It lets you erase the following things:

  • Downloaded Program Files
  • Internet Explorer Cookies
  • Internet Explorer Typed URLs
  • Internet Explorer Cache
  • Internet Explorer Browsing History
  • Last Opened Programs List
  • Mozilla Firefox Cache
  • Mozilla Firefox Cookies
  • Run commands List
  • Temporary Directory
  • Temporary Internet Files
  • WinRAR Recent Files  

NVT Internet Privacy Cleaner can clean your internet browsing history from any browser including Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

[ Download NVT Internet Privacy Cleaner ]

4 replies on “Clean your internet browsing history with internet privacy cleaner”

There is a real abundance of such softwares making it real hard to choose from, I use CleanAfterMe though which is portable and does more than just cleaning the Internet files

@Keith and @Syahid – I too agree with both of you, there has been lots of programs but the main problem is people don’t know abt these softwares

there are hundreds and thousands of progs like dis…why dont u people feature da best soft in every category…i am not a reader of dis blog…but i am thinking of unsubscribing to india technology feed net

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