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Clean your cluttered Desktop with Desktop Teleporter

Is your desktop cluttered with lots of files you download from internet or copy from pen drives etc?

Mostly the answer to the above question is yes, Same happens with me as well I too have a bad habit of downloading files from internet and saving them on the desktop. All these items keeps lying there until I get some time and move them into separate folders.

Today,I found a cool application called Desktop Teleporter to do this task automatically of transferring files from desktop to any other specified location.



What is Desktop Teleporter?

The Desktop Teleporter application was designed to automatically teleport( i.e move ) files and folders newly created on desktop to predefined folders, thus keeping your desktop clean.

You can select the folder where you would want to move the newly created files on your desktop.

Select the target folder

In my case it is Downloads folder in my C drive ( shown in the image below)








Exclude Files Extensions which you don’t want to move

You can simply specify the extensions of the files which you don’t want to move from your desktop like .lnk which is for all the shortcuts in windows.








Download Desktop Teleporter

We hope you like this small software ,let us know if it seems productive to you also.

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