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Change default windows icon and their colour with folder Marker

We are seeing the same windows icons for years now, till now almost every one including me are bored with the same look and feel of windows icons for my computer , network , internet explorer and folders etc.

Lets give them a different colour with Folder Marker ( shown in the image below ).






Folder Marker is a free utility which can allow you to change the color of any windows folder , you can assign any image-coded-icon to any folder so that it can easily catch your attention among various other folders (as shown in the image below ).





Above pictures shows some of the folders of my C: drive, out of all these folders I have given a different colours and icon to all my important folders using Folder Marker.

It also allows you to change the default windows icons for all your folders , you can easily assign different icon to any folder in windows by right clicking on the folder and choose icon you want to specify in context menu of folder marker ( as shown in the image below ).









Folder Marker comes in three versions Folder Marker Free , Folder Marker Home , Folder Marker Pro  with some what different features and variations over each other.

You can compare the different versions of folder marker available here.

Folder Marker is recently released for windows vista also which you can download it from here.

Its free version allows user to add his own set of icons too and can set any of those icons as default icon for all the folders in windows xp.

Some of the feature list of Folder Marker: Free Version

  1. It can change a folder icon or colour with one mouse click
  2. It can mark folders by priority (high, normal, low).
  3. It can assign an icon to a folder from: ICO, ICL, EXE, DLL, CPL or BMP file
  4. It supports 32-bits icons

Folder Marker in all is an ultimate free add on to customize the your folders looks in windows , and I must say it consumes very less memory.

[ Download Folder Marker Free for Win XP | Download Folder Marker Pro For Vista | Application Home Page ]

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