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TweetThisText – Highlight Any Text On Any WebPage and Tweet It On Twitter

TweetThisText is a cool web tool which lets you tweet any text found on any web page on the internet. It has a magical bookmark which lets you highlight and tweet any text as a quote.

TweetThisText is based on the simple idea of sharing quotes on twitter, and this small little tool is the best option to share quotes.


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Scan Face and Find People On Facebook With Photo Finder

Photo Finder is a cool and quite powerful tool which lets you find pictures of you and your friends on facebook. This application works on the basis of facial recognition.

You can scan photos and detect all the faces on the photo scanned, you can tag the faces detected.


Photo Finder lets you search for friends and browse the face gallery of you and your friends. This is quite innovative application on facebook which can help you and your friends to create their face galleries.


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Fill PDF forms Online with PDF Filler

PDF Filler is free web service which allows you to fill any pdf form just by uploading the pdf form and fill out the sections more fast and easily.


PDF filler lets you fill any pdf form in three easy steps