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Block any website on your computer with Any weblock

Internet users in India is growing at a very fast rate with easy and cheap broadband services provided anywhere by mtnl or bsnl and other companies like airtel ,sify broadband etc.

With the increasing use of internet among the young children it becomes very crucial to block those web sites like which are not healthy for young children’s  ( porns , online games and chatrooms) etc

Solution to the problem is to block the websites with the help of website blocking software like Any Weblock

Any Weblock – It is a free program to block access to any website on your computer.





Some Features of Any Weblock Includes:

1. It can work with any web browser including firefox, internet explorer and opera etc.

2. it will block a web site and its subdomains also.

3. Supports password protection to support unauthorized access to the software.

4. You can export and import list of websites among different computers.

Overall it is one of the best and easy to use free software’s to block specific websites on your computer.

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