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Access special Folders in windows with freeware special Folders View

There has been large number of special folders in windows and we keep accessing these folders from different locations. When I say Special Folders, I mean folders like My documents , Startup , Temporary Internet Files etc.

We cannot access all these special folders are scattered over the operating system drive and some times they are so deep in terms of the directory structure which a normal user cannot remember easily.

But a cool freeware called Special Folders View makes it possible to list all these special folders in one go. ( as shown in the image below )



( click the image on the left to enlarge



As shown in the image above, Special Folders View displays the list of all the special folders in which you just need to double click over a special folder path entry to open it in windows explorer.

You can also save list of folder paths to separate text / html file, With the new version recently released you can create shortcuts for any special folder directly on your desktop ( as highlighted in the image below ).








F7 is the keyboard shortcut for creating desktop shortcuts for special folders.

This application is completely a freeware with no adware , no spyware and no malware program embedded with it.

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