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Access Hidden XP Applications and Features

No matter how much time you have been using windows xp as there are still some hidden features of windows xp you may not know about. There can be two ways to access the hidden tool and application in windows xp, first one is through some tool called XP Hidden Applications and Second is through simple commands. We will tell you both of these ways in this post.

Access Hidden Tools and Applications Through Third Party Tool

XP Hidden Application Interface is a free program which lets you access some hidden features of windows xp which are normally hidden from xp user. XP Hidden Application Interface will allow you to launch these hidden tools and application with single click.


This hidden application interface does not include any functionality of it own but it digs into windows to point and launch the hidden features in single click.

It should also be noted that all the shortcuts to various hidden application in XP Hidden Application Interface may not work on all the system.

Note: XP Hidden Application interface requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 to be installed first.

Download XP Hidden Application Interface

Access Hidden Tools and Applications Through Commands (Geeky Way)

Another way to launch these hidden or disabled applications in windows xp is through commands, I would recommend these commands as you will learn more with these handy commands about windows xp.

1. Character Map (Command Name = charmap.exe) – To get some other characters like scientific characters

2. Disk Cleanup (Command Name= cleanmgr.exe) – To clean up and delete un necessary disk files and dead shortcuts.

3) Clipboard Viewer (Command Name=clipbrd.exe) – all copy paste contents on windows)

4) Dr Watson (Command Name=drwtsn32.exe) – Troubleshooting tool in built in windows xp)

5) DirectX diagnosis (Command Name=dxdiag.exe) – Diagnose and test video cards

6) Private character editor(Command Name=eudcedit.exe) – create characters in windows

7) IExpress Wizard (Command Name=iexpress.exe) – Create self-extracting / self-installing packages.

8) Microsoft Synchronization Manager (Command Name=mobsync.exe)

9) Windows Media Player 5.1 (Command Name=mplay32.exe) – Classic version of Media Player.

10) ODBC Data Source Administrator (Command Name=odbcad32.exe) – change the ODBC Data settings

11) Object Packager (Command Name=packager.exe) – packaging of help files.

12) System Monitor (Command Name=perfmon.exe) – monitors system process and performance

13) Program Manager (Command Name=progman.exe) – Legacy Windows 3.x desktop shell

14) Remote Access phone book (Command Name=rasphone.exe)

15) Registry Editor = (Command Name=regedt32.exe or regedit.exe) – For tweaking Windows Registry

16) Network shared folder wizard (Command Name=shrpubw.exe) – creates administrative and other shares on the network

17) File signature verification tool (Command Name=sigverif.exe)

18) Volume Contro (Command Name=sndvol32.exe) – will help when volume icon disappear. 

19) System Configuration Editor (Command Name=sysedit.exe) – To modify System.ini & Win.ini just like in Win98

20) Syskey = syskey.exe (Encrypt all the password in windows).

21) Microsoft Telnet Client(Command Name=telnet.exe) – For connecting and communication to remote host via telnet protocol

22) Driver Verifier Manager (Command Name=verifier.exe) – A utility for monitoring the actions of drivers.

23) Windows for Workgroups Chat (Command Name=winchat.exe – Free inbuilt LAN chat in windows

24) System configuration (Command Name=msconfig.exe)- modify startup programs.

25) Group Policy (Command Name=gpedit.msc) apply various security policies, and permissions

You can run all these command to access these features through command prompt.

Moreover there is another tool called Windows XP Hidden application Enabler which lets you enable and use around 43 tools and applications in windows.

Download Windows XP Hidden application Enabler

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