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3 Ways To Create New Folder With Keyboard Shortcut In XP / Vista and Windows 7

From some days I was trying to figure out all ways to create a new folder using a keyboard shortcut or hotkey combination in windows, after some research I came to know about some of the methods and tricks which can make this possible.

Why would a user wants to specify a keyboard shortcut for creating new folder ?

The answer to this question is quite simple, as it increases productivity and speed, it is very easy and quick to create a new folder through a keyboard shortcut rather than through conventional right mouse click.


Lets explore all the ways to create new folder quickly with combination of keyboard keys.

First Method ( Works With XP, Vista, Windows 7 )

The most basic keyboard shortcut with which you can create new folder is the following keys combination, press Alt + f then press w then press f – do this very quickly you will see a new folder created in the directory in which you are in windows explorer.

Note: This method work only in windows explorer it will not work on your desktop    


Second Desktop ( Works With XP , Vista and Windows 7 )

This method is based on small free program called bxNewFolder which is a small plugin embeds itself with windows, allows you to create a new folder anywhere you want to just on the press of F12 key on your keyboard.


In order to install this plugin, you should close all windows explorer windows and then right click on the program executable named bxNewFolder_v100 and select Run as administrator

Download bxNewFolder 

Note: However in case of windows 7, it has new keyboard shortcut which is defined in windows to create a new folder – the new folder create keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+Shift+N   

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Here’s another way…

right click on the desktop / press ‘w’ / press return

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