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ALL Ways To Remove / Delete A Specific Typed URL In History Of Address Bar Typed URLs In Internet Explorer

We may browse many websites Via Internet Explorer and some times we want to delete a specific URL from the address bar history of typed URLs in the Internet Explorer address bar. 

But Internet Explorer as such does not provide any option of deleting a specific URL in the history of recently typed URL history of address bar.

Today’ we will tell you all the ways to delete the desired URL from the history typed URLs in Internet Explorer

IE tips & tricks

IEclean – Free Cleaner To Clear Cache, Cookies, Typed URLs, Form History, IE History

IEclean is free a small very useful utility which lets you clean different things related to Internet Explorer. It is the fastest way to clean up different things like Cache, cookies, typed urls, form history etc separately.


It will free up a good amount of disk space and also very flexible tool to clear up your internet explorer history so that no one come to know what did you surfed.

IE tips & tricks

Lock Internet Explorer – Stop Internet Explorer From Running

Yesterday, I found this amazing tweaking software called IeClose 2.0 a FREE small program which lets you lock your Internet Explorer and prevent it from running.

IeClose lock internet explorer provided, you don’t have Internet Explorer running already running when you run IE Close


You can also create a startup key so that IeClose runs automatically on windows startup, so that no one other than you open internet explorer and use it 😛

Let’s see how can you use IeClose to lock down your internet explorer and set IeClose to run automatically when windows starts.