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How to access restricted orkut by free proxy servers available for orkut.

Lot of people are going crazy when it comes to orkut as it has proved to be one of the biggest and rocking social network like myspace.

But in most of the offices and colleges , but don’t worry as there are hell lot of proxy servers available for orkut through which you can by pass the restriction of orkut access from your office or college ,school.

So today i am going to mention some of the better and mostly used proxy servers for orkut.

List Goes Like This

  4. Kproxy
  5. Hidemyway
  6. /

Out of the above i have used and found it good both in terms of speed and functionality.

Note: But if you are so conscious about your orkut username and password leave a comment here i will let you know a different method with which you can access orkut with more security and without a proxy server.

I have posted this method with which you can access orkut without using a proxy server and more faster and easily. If you like to read you can go to the link.

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I have been using kproxy and
proxut was really slow but still somethings better than nothing till I stumbled upon
Now both these sites not working including a dozen of other proxy sites!
to name a few!!

🙁 🙁

@Nandini — Very soon i will be posting about how you access orkut again through some free proxy server sofware then you rproble will be entirely solved.

It will be a detialed post letting yo knw about how use that method to access restricted orkut.


Hey they blocked all the proxy sites named
and we need a new one so we can access bebo and myspace. Help us out please!

plz help me to find the proxy which is faste to access orkur jumbo proxi is gud but it is also blocked

Hey Mr. Admin do you realy know the bypass link bacz where i m wrking all the proxy avoidance sites are blocked…. can you pls help me with the site from where i can acess orkut….

hi….my college has banned orkut..and they loged it…we went 4 jumboproxy…..pagemod…in tht sites we can see the scraps..but we cant send the scraps…can u tell me over this problem …plz…

Hai I’m working in Saudi Arabia here orkut is blocked. I was using jumboproxy until last week but now it is also blocked. I searched a lot and i can’t find an alternative for jumbo proxy. lot of sites are giving access to orkut but they are not allowing to send any scraps. So pls share any known prxy for orkut.

hey i too had same scrap sending problem .. i was using pagemod proxy network… they replied to use mozilla firefox and now all is well.. 🙂

dudes n dudettes…. i can unblock orkut using some proxy sites…. but i am unable to scrap using them…. kindly help pls

i want to access orkut in my com. bt all proxy sites are blocked, so is there any way for orkut. i was 1st using powerscrap and then images.orkut but nw they are also blocked.

its working cool but in only mozilla how can i access using internet ex. yaar??? help me plz

the people who are in blocking business take lead from this site itself so inform through e mail.

hey tey to download hotspot shield and install tat in ur system,, that should help


All the proxy sites are also blocked in my company. i am frequest user of sites like orkut, airtel, vodafone, metacafe. Can anybody guide me how to access these websites

hey friends am deepak kumar from ooty

here in my company they blocked with websense …

can any one help me with this ….

nothing could work with this progress..

its not working, none of the above metioned proxies.
would u plz help me in opening orkut, actuaaly all the proxies are blocked too, so i cant open orkut by any mean.
I found and used a proxy , but nw it is also blocked by the administration.
so suggestl me the way to tackel it.


I have applied all above trick still i am not able to open the orkut at office. it is blocked by websense in our shows “Your organization’s Internet use policy restricts access to this web page at this time”


I am working in saudi arabia I cannot login orkut account here any body can tell me a way to get orkut pls…….
I tried some proxys mentioned here but no use
pls tell me a better way

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