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3 Free Best Programs To Free Up Boost RAM Memory and Speed Up Your PC

It could be a case that your computer is slow due to high usage of RAM fitted in your computer, it could happen when there are some programs which keep using some amount of memory even after getting stopped.

Moreover, if you use any RAM booster it will bring significant amount to improvement in speeding up your computer at that instant of time, so today we will let you know all the free programs which will free up the memory blocked by programs to increasing the speed in processing.

Here are these 3 free programs which are the best free programs to boost up your RAM to increase performance

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51+ Free Media Converters For Daily Use

We have already written lot more about different types of free media converters with which help you convert various types of conversions in between various popular format.

Today, we list all the types of free media converters which will make your daily digital life more simple and easy. All these converters will help you a lot to conevrt in between wide variety of formats.

Following are the 51+ free media converters which you can use as per your requirement each converter converts in between two formats. so, download all the converters separately as per our usage.

Cool MOV To 3GP Converter 1.0

Convert MOV videos to 3GP

Cool DAT To 3GP Converter 1.0

Convert DAT video to 3GP format

Cool AVI To MP3 Converter 1.0

Easily convert AVI files to MP3 with this handy application

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7 Free Tools To Monitor Folder Changes

We all have some folders on our computers which are quite confidential to us, as we know the location of that folder and we would like monitor the changes to that folder and its contained files in it.


Today, we will share 7 free tools which lets you monitor folder changes not only on your hard disk but on your network too, some of them lets you configure to mail to a email id on folder content changes or sound an alarm. Folder Content changes includes file changes,renames, deletes and moving and copying etc.

Let’s discuss  all these free programs one by one and their features

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3 Free Tools To Delete & Remove Empty Folders

Empty folders are is such a big problem that every time you format your harddisk or remove unnecessary programs, there are lot of empty folders which remain there on your hard drive.

Empty yellow folder icon isolated on white

You could save so much space and clean you computer by removing these empty folders on your computer, there are 3 free applications which lets you remove empty folders on your computer.

Lets discuss all these free tools to remove empty directories from your hard drive